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How to write a doctoral essay plan - 2023

Writing a doctoral essay can be an overwhelming task. I know the word doctoral sounds very tough, and it feels like you would have to drain all your brain cells for writing a doctoral essay. I know you are not an expert, but you have all the skills to do it yourself. I will give you some easy tips and techniques that would make doctoral essay writing easy for you.

The first step is that you should not fear your doctoral essay and start planning!! When you sit down and think about how am I going towrite my essay,  the first thing to do is write an essay plan. The essay plan will help you write your paper with excellent efficiency and ease as it is like a map that will guide you. I would tell you some easy tips for writing a great doctoral essay plan.

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  1. Decide the topic

Before writing your essay, you have to carefully think about and consider the topic you will research. You can overview a list of topics that interest you as choosing the topic of your interest will keep the work exciting and engaging.

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You may have to select a topic from the list of topics shared by your professor, or you might be given a research question to write on. Look at the question carefully and highlight any important keywords or phrases that can guide you in your research.

After you have found a topic that you understand and have an interest in, you can go online and start looking for information on the topic.


I know an exciting topic can look very appealing at times, and you might want to start working on it ASAP, but it is important to always find literature online to see if your topic is actually worth writing about. Selecting the keywords in your topic will guide you throughout your essay and help you write like an expertessay writer.  You can also use these keywords in searching for literature online.

  1. Select sources

After you have chosen your topic, you will look at the marking rubric or criteria shared by the professor. This will help you determine what you need to look for while searching for sources online.

You will have to use reliable and valid literature sources for your essay to write a good and authentic paper. If you feel like doing all the literature search is too much for you can also take the help of an essay writing service. But really, doing research and writing your essay plan is not as difficult once you follow all the steps I am telling you.

You have to choose your sources from reliable journals, official government reports, and publications. Using good sources will help you support your points in the paper and achieve great marks from your professor.

After selecting the sources, you have to take short points from the sources that you can use in your paper. You can note down specific examples, definitions, or terminologies that can be helpful.

  1. Create a mind map

After doing all the research, does your work look all jumbled up? That’s no reason to worry, and you can sort this information easily. For the next step, I would recommend that you make a mind map for your ideas.

You can simply organize the information from the sources and ideas in your mind into a flow sheet pattern or any format that you find easy. You can also find different templates for mind maps online that are very easy to use and super helpful.

The mind map will help you systematically organize your information so you can see what is useful and what has to be discarded. You can keep the valuable bits and get rid of unnecessary details to sort your information.

You have to write the topic or question in the middle and then write the key points that you want to discuss. You can also write sub-points under each main point, along with examples and essential statistics.

  1.     Decide the structure

After you have organized the crucial points for the essay, you would now decide on the structure of the essay. Your mind map and sources will help you write the first draft of your essay easily.

You can structure the essay as you like or follow a particular pattern. For example, you can start from the primary or general topic and then move toward the specifics. You can structure the essay in a chronological sequence or according to the importance of each topic. 

After you have decided on the pattern you want to follow, you can modify your mind map accordingly. To ensure that the essay flows coherently and logically, you have to also consider the transitions you want to use in your essay or how you would improve connectivity. The critical point might have to be organized in a way so that they are connected to each other and do not seem out of place.

  1. Decide thesis statement and topic sentences

Now you can start writing the thesis sentence that would include the topic of research and the keywords that you will cover in the essay. The thesis is like a summary of the essay, and it guides the reader about what to expect in the essay.

After this, formulate the topic sentences for your paragraphs that reflect the ideas from the thesis statement. The Thesis is written at the end of the first paragraph, and the topic sentences are written at the beginning of each paragraph.

After you have followed these steps, you can write the first draft of your doctoral essay with full confidence.



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